Learn, progress, take opportunities, get well rewarded, and love what you do!

At Shirley Parsons, we are committed to building a safe, sustainable, and prosperous world.

We hire individuals who align with our culture and have created a working environment that is conducive to the success, personal development and happiness of our staff. We strive to be the very best at what we do, both in the eyes of our clients and our coworkers, supporting one another as we work collaboratively towards common goals.

We have a truly great working atmosphere, where people can progress based on their performance, abilities and career aspirations – and we are proud to say that our employees have consistently voted Shirley Parsons as a Great Place to Work® every year since 2019.

Get in touch with our HR team at humanresources@shirleyparsons.com for more information on joining Shirley Parsons.

Consultant Jobs in North America

We're Always Hiring

Recruitment & Staffing Professionals

If you’re an experienced or aspiring recruitment/staffing professional, we’d love to talk about the opportunity to accelerate your career with us.

Environmental, Health & Safety Consultants

Our consultancy business is growing quickly, and we’re looking for experienced EHS consultants to help us build a world-class international organization.

Founding Partners

We’re always on the lookout for new strategic investments, along with founders to lead their growth – budding entrepreneurs are welcome here!


No experience is required! We’re looking for ambitious and target-driven individuals to support our existing teams on a part-time or temporary basis… two thirds of our interns ultimately join us in permanent roles!

Find out more about our current opportunities by getting in touch with our HR team at humanresources@shirleyparsons.com.

Take Control Of Your Career!

Our growth strategy is built on the principle of attracting and retaining talented people who align with our values. We invest heavily in training, benefits and opportunities, encouraging our staff to pursue career paths that match their aspirations and talents.

We have built a culture that eliminates the constraints traditional businesses put on employees’ careers. At Shirley Parsons, you have the freedom to pursue whichever opportunities best suit you – be they self-development, financial advancement, life experiences, or travel.

“Coming from a large staffing agency, sometimes employees felt like a number on a scorecard. At Shirley Parsons, I know I can reach out to any single person in this organization if I need help. Genuine collaboration is one of the things that makes working at Shirley Parsons so enjoyable.”

Jasmine San Nicolas (Talent Consultant in Los Angeles, CA)

International Expansion

In North America, we currently have offices in Boston, Los Angeles and Toronto with dozens of employees working remotely across the US and Canada. Our international HQ, based out of Aylesbury in the UK, is just one of a number of offices we maintain across Europe and Asia.

We have plans to enter new markets in the coming years, so if being part of a fast-growing international company appeals to you, then apply to join Shirley Parsons today!

“Working for Shirley Parsons has developed me personally and professionally more than I could have ever imagined. On a personal level it has provided me with the opportunity to live and work in a different country alongside fantastic colleagues, all whilst having fun at work.”

Kieran Carr (Principal Talent Consultant in Boston, MA)

Training & Development

As a new hire, you will benefit from a comprehensive, 3-month onboarding program in which you work with both your manager and a dedicated internal trainer to learn about our culture, processes and service offerings. We host internal, peer-led training sessions where colleagues have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other, continually refining the skills required to become top performers. We also budget thousands of dollars each year for external development, enabling employees to achieve their goals through training, certifications, memberships and conferences.

“My experience working with Shirley Parsons was phenomenal. I truly appreciate the opportunities and guidance that I received from the team during my tenure with the company. I would wholly recommend Shirley Parsons to anyone that’s looking to grow their career now or in the future.”

Quinton Swift (EHS Consultant in Detroit, MI)

Work Should Be Fun!

We believe in celebrating as a team and have had some amazing team incentives over the years, travelling to destinations that include Nashville, Charleston, Las Vegas, and many more.

We’re always looking for an excuse to have fun, whether it drinks after work, an afternoon at the races, going to a sporting event, taking a boat trip around Boston Harbor, or visiting a local vineyard… you name it, we’ve done it!

“During my time with Shirley Parsons I have made lasting friendships, developed professionally in ways I could never have imagined, and been part of a company culture that allows you to make mistakes, learn from them and grow your career in a truly meaningful way. After four years with Shirley Parsons, I’m thrilled to be transitioning to a new role overseeing our Canadian business!”

Chloe Howard (Principal Talent Consultant in Toronto, ON)



In addition to highly competitive compensation packages that include bonuses, commissions and long-term incentives, we offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to all full-time, permanent employees:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance

  • 35 days of paid time off

  • 401(k) plans with a 3% company contribution

  • Hybrid/remote working arrangements

  • Regular company sponsored events and team activities

  • Limitless training and development opportunities

  • And so much more!


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Apply Today!

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional looking to take your career to the next level, we would love to hear from you.

Apply to any of the jobs listed below or by getting in touch with our HR team at humanresources@shirleyparsons.com.

Meet Our Team

  • Sam Chappell

    Sam Chappell

    Director & Co-founder

  • Tim Melvin

    Tim Melvin

    Director & Co -Founder

  • Ben Hiner

    Ben Hiner


  • Nick Farkas

    Nick Farkas

    Director of Project Services

  • Kieran Carr

    Kieran Carr

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Marcell Junha Lyu

    Marcell Junha Lyu

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Chloe Howard

    Chloe Howard

    Divisional Leader, Shirley Parsons Canada

  • Abby Amundson

    Abby Amundson

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Cameron Ecker

    Cameron Ecker

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Connor Bond

    Connor Bond

    Senior Staffing Consultant

  • Audrey Sundin

    Audrey Sundin

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • John Kelleher

    John Kelleher

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Nicole DeJon

    Nicole DeJon

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Ryan Wolters

    Ryan Wolters

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Jasmine San Nicolas

    Jasmine San Nicolas

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Greg Dwyer

    Greg Dwyer

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Jakob Kwan

    Jakob Kwan

    Talent Consultant

  • Kelly Leong

    Kelly Leong

    Talent Consultant

  • Ushna Khan

    Ushna Khan

    Talent Consultant

  • Tayla Brown

    Tayla Brown

    Talent Consultant