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The Dos And Dont's
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How To Stand Out In The Current EHS Job Market

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

The Dos and Don'ts of Standing Out in Today's EHS Job Market

Shirley Parsons North America team, in collaboration with the BCSP Foundation, recently hosted an hour-long webinar discussing valuable tips and insights on the dos and don’ts of standing out in today’s EHS job market.

The webinar, which was attended by over 600 people and had a total of 140 questions asked, focused on six keys topics including:

  • Improving your personal brand

  • Interview skills, resume writing

  • Job searching

  • Networking

  • How to connect with recruiters.

The session began with a discussion on the importance of presenting a clear and concise resume. The advice included always beginning with a summary or objective statement, followed by your work history, education and any relevant certifications. It was also advised to use bullet points for these sections and always ensure to proofread carefully.

The team then provided valuable tips for preparing for an interview. These included researching the company and the position you have applied for, practising answering common questions, dressing professionally and, following up afterwards with a thank you an email.

Attendees to the webinar were also advised on how to connect with recruiters and the importance of identifying those with a great track record, such as Shirley Parsons. Reaching out via LinkedIn, professional networking sites and networking at events are a great way to connect.

Finally, the team highlighted the significance of building a strong online personal brand/presence. One effective way to do this is by creating a professional LinkedIn profile to showcase your work history, experience and any relevant training you have undertaken.

Five Senior Consultants from Shirley Parsons North America took part in the webinar including Shelby Kelly, Hannah Ruegar, Jack Pehlke, Carolyn Pichardo and Jasmine San Nicolas.

A recording of the virtual event can be watched here.

If you're interested in landing your next opportunity in EHS, contact us below for helpful advice and opportunities.