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Taichung City, Taiwan

​Shirley Parsons Taiwan provides specialist recruitment services to local and foreign businesses.

The Only Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Specialist In Taiwan

Shirley Parsons Taiwan can provide a specialist recruitment service to provide local HSEQ candidates to organisations throughout the Taiwanese economy.

We're the only HSEQ specialist organization in Taiwan and our knowledge of the sector means we will be able to provide better and faster expertise than our competitors. We are developing and improving the HSEQ skills of our in-country staff through our expert training manager and are also training our clients staff where required. Being part of a global HSEQ organisation, we have the support and expertise of colleagues throughout the world to help develop the in-country Taiwanese workforce.” - Yu PIn Lin, Country Manager for Shirley Parsons Taiwan.

8th office we have opened globally. Our global experts and local workforce in delivering HSE services, expertise, and training are a blend of the traditional provision of expatriate specialists from across the world with the recruitment and training of a growing team of local HSEQ specialists.

We have enabled our clients in Taiwan and worldwide to access expert HSEQ skills, reduce their overhead costs and meet rapid development targets.

​Permanent Contracts And Consultancy Services In Sectors:

Renewable Energy and Offshore Wind Farms

Taiwan is one of the leading adopters of offshore wind energy in Asia and, with an offshore wind power target of 20.5GW by 2035, this will continue to be a sector of high demand for HSEQ expertise in both construction and operations.

Transportation and construction

Transportation and construction are also areas of significant growth in Taiwan and areas of specific expertise for Shirley Parsons with our history of working with global clients in several offshore wind energy projects.

Shirley Parsons can provide HSEQ services, recruitment, HSEQ training and a careers consultancy service to companies wanting to hire their own HSEQ expertise.

It is this development of the local skilled workforce that provides some real cost savings for clients. Ben Hiner said “Historically many projects in this region have relied on expensive expatriate consultants to provide expertise which is then lost when the project finishes and the ex-pat returns to their country of origin. Our vision is to develop a long term, highly skilled and expert Taiwanese HSEQ workforce in-country to provide significant cost savings over international labour as well as having a real mission to improve HSEQ standards throughout the Taiwanese infrastructure sector.”

If you are interested in Shirley Parsons' HSEQ services in Taiwan, please get in touch at or call +886 917 352 360.

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