Building a Safe and Sustainable World

We work in partnership with organizations to solve health, safety, environmental and sustainability challenges, tailoring our services to help them achieve their unique EHS goals.

We have invested decades building our global network of qualified EHS and sustainability professionals, which we leverage to efficiently resolve our clients’ needs in every market we serve.

Shirley Parsons are global leaders in EHS recruitment


Providing subject matter expertise to advance our clients’ EHS & sustainability goals. Our team of in-house and associate EHS & sustainability consultants have decades of experience developing and implementing industry-leading programs for organizations around the world.

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Executive Search

Matching executive talent with companies looking to advance their corporate EHS and sustainability strategies. Our search methodology guarantees that we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of identifying the individuals who can achieve our clients’ goals, providing key insights into salaries, market sentiment and candidate motivations.

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EHS & Sustainability Recruitment

The days of attracting candidates through online job boards are over. To find the best the market has to offer, you need a recruitment partner. Shirley Parsons is the global leader for Safety, Health, Environmental & Sustainability recruitment. Our unique combination of EHS industry knowledge and exceptional service delivery ensures that our clients acquire the best talent for their organizations, whilst also providing valuable candidate feedback and benchmarking data.

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Temporary Staffing

Rapidly deploying qualified, pre-screened EHS talent for critical short-term projects. Shirley Parsons has direct access to over 100,000 EHS professionals, giving us the ability to quickly respond to our clients’ project or temporary staffing needs. Our network of interim candidates includes site-based specialists, management professionals and executive leaders that can immediately deliver results around the world and across various EHS disciplines.

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Global Leaders in EHS​


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Meet Our Team

  • Sam Chappell

    Sam Chappell

    Director & Co-founder

  • Tim Melvin

    Tim Melvin

    Director & Co -Founder

  • Ben Hiner

    Ben Hiner


  • Nick Farkas

    Nick Farkas

    Director of Project Services

  • Kieran Carr

    Kieran Carr

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Marcell Junha Lyu

    Marcell Junha Lyu

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Chloe Howard

    Chloe Howard

    Divisional Leader, Shirley Parsons Canada

  • Abby Amundson

    Abby Amundson

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Cameron Ecker

    Cameron Ecker

    Principal Talent Consultant

  • Connor Bond

    Connor Bond

    Senior Staffing Consultant

  • Audrey Sundin

    Audrey Sundin

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • John Kelleher

    John Kelleher

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Nicole DeJon

    Nicole DeJon

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Ryan Wolters

    Ryan Wolters

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Jasmine San Nicolas

    Jasmine San Nicolas

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Greg Dwyer

    Greg Dwyer

    Senior Talent Consultant

  • Jakob Kwan

    Jakob Kwan

    Talent Consultant

  • Kelly Leong

    Kelly Leong

    Talent Consultant

  • Ushna Khan

    Ushna Khan

    Talent Consultant

  • Tayla Brown

    Tayla Brown

    Talent Consultant