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Identifying leadership talent is hard.

There’s no shortage of candidates, but the majority will never see your job post. A thorough interview process is essential but move too slowly and you risk losing out to competitors. You can assess someone’s potential, but how do you know they’re the best you can get?

When you work with our global talent specialists, you gain access to an unparalleled network of over 5,000 EHS executives and benefit from a search methodology that has led to more than 200 executive placements at a 97% success rate since 2005.

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As a global company, sourcing a leader with a blend of leadership, technical EHS expertise, and cross-cultural skills posed challenges. Shirley Parsons efficiently provided a credible shortlist, organized interviews, and facilitated candidate selection within a hectic week. Achieving engagement to start in 8.5 weeks, their updates and commitment assure my future reliance on Shirley Parsons for HSEQ roles."

Elaine Bagley, HR Director

​Shirley Parsons offered exceptional assistance in two recent searches, securing top-tier safety employees. Their candidates possessed the precise experience, leadership, and technical expertise we sought. Their professional guidance and partnership were invaluable in filling these pivotal roles."

Mike Formaini, VP of HSE & Quality

We sought a specialized firm for a confidential Director of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment search to shift our safety culture. Shirley Parsons efficiently executed the search, addressing our needs and refining candidate requirements effectively for a proactive approach. Their support was invaluable in targeting the ideal candidate."

Luzius Wirth, CEO of Swissport UK&I

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Search Methodology

EHS Executive Search - Discovery
  • Exploratory conversations with key stakeholders, developing an in-depth understanding of your company’s goals, culture and candidate preferences.

  • Expert advice and guidance regarding the talent landscape, collaborating to define job responsibilities, expectations and challenges.

  • Scheduling of weekly catch-up calls and target dates for interviews and onboarding.

EHS Executive Search - Market Research
  • Interrogation of our proprietary candidate database and online networks.

  • Multi-channel online advertising and traditional print advertising, if requested.

  • Consultation with industry associations, special interest groups and private networks.

EHS Executive Search - Candidate Identification
  • Persistent email and telephone outreach to hundreds of candidates.

  • First stage interviews with dozens of candidates to document experience, goals, expectations, and to determine suitability for your role.

  • Comprehensive documentation of industry and competitor benchmarking data.

EHS Executive Search - Shortlisting
  • Second round interviews with high-potential candidates to further assess their capabilities and gauge their interest in your position.

  • ‘Motivations, Aspirations, Personality and Progression’ (MAPP) assessment conducted with every candidate to determine cultural fit.

  • Comprehensive candidate profiles submitted for review and feedback.

EHS Executive Search - Interviews and offer
  • Coordination of client interviews, gathering and sharing feedback.

  • Confidential professional references taken from industry contacts.

  • Mediation during the offer and negotiation process.

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Shirley Parsons has developed an executive search offering that can be tailored to the needs of our clients; a process that has delivered exceptional results for both multinational organisations and SMEs. Due to our specialisation, our clients find better candidates in half the time compared to other firms. We are experts in our field; we interact with senior Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality leaders on a daily basis and understand what it takes to lead functions in these areas.