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AIHA: Resources for Occupational Hygiene Professionals.

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago

​As part of our ongoing collaboration with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), we are excited to offer a wealth of resources for both emerging and established professionals in the field of occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS).

Whether you're new to the field or an experienced expert, you'll find a variety of educational opportunities, community events, and networking options designed to help you advance your career. Here, we highlight some key resources, but we encourage you to explore the full range of offerings on the AIHA website for a deeper dive into everything available.

Educational Courses for Occupational Hygiene Professionals.

AIHA offers several online courses tailored to meet the needs of OEHS professionals at various stages of their careers. Here are a few that stand out:

1. Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene eLearning Course (W201).

This foundational course, based on Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) materials, covers essential concepts for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace hazards. It's ideal for early-career professionals, students, and industry specialists seeking a broad understanding of occupational health and safety. Through this course, you'll learn how proper hazard recognition and control is key to ensuring a safe workplace.

2. Direct Read Instrument e-Certificate Course

If you're looking to enhance your proficiency with direct reading instruments (DRIs), this course, based on AIHA's Technical Framework, is for you. It covers the importance of using DRIs accurately and frequently, and provides foundational knowledge to boost your confidence in their use. Ideal for professionals who want to enhance their technical skills and ensure accurate data collection.

3. Occupational Exposure Assessment e-Certificate Course

This e-certificate course is designed to prove your competency in assessing workplace exposures and hazards. Based on the Occupational Exposure Assessment Body of Knowledge Technical Framework, this program covers the key competencies required for Technical Level IH 1. Successful completion of this course signifies mastery in gathering, documenting, and reporting monitoring data, along with making informed exposure judgments.

Industry Research and Insights.

In addition to educational courses, AIHA conducts research to understand industry trends and future demands for OEHS professionals.

4. AIHA Future Demand of the Profession Survey.

This survey aims to provide insights into the current state and future demand for OEHS professionals in the United States. It also seeks to identify critical knowledge areas, skills, and abilities for success in the profession. Participating in this survey helps AIHA better understand the industry's evolving needs, ensuring their resources remain relevant and valuable.

Networking and Membership Opportunities

AIHA offers a range of membership options that cater to professionals at different stages of their careers.

5. Join AIHA and Connect with the OEHS Community

Becoming a member of AIHA opens the door to a vibrant community of professionals, with options starting at just $32 per year. Membership provides access to digital editions of "The Synergist" magazine, an online discussion forum, and reduced-cost education for EHS generalists seeking to advance their careers.

Explore More on the AIHA Website.

These are just a few of the many resources available through our partnership with AIHA. We encourage you to explore the AIHA website to discover the full scope of educational resources, networking events, and professional development opportunities. Your career in occupational hygiene is important, and with AIHA's support, you can continue to grow and make a positive impact in the workplace.

For more information on joining AIHA and accessing these resources, visit AIHA EHS Network.

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