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Hse Program Development Unlocks Offshore Wind Pipeline
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HSE Program Development Unlocks Offshore Wind Pipeline

  • Publish Date: Posted 9 months ago

Pioneering Entry into the US Offshore Wind Sector for a $150M Engineering Firm with Shirley Parsons' Expertise

A $150M civil and submarine engineering firm was aiming to penetrate the burgeoning US offshore wind sector. However, they faced a significant hurdle: their Health and Safety programs did not meet the high standards set forth by the developers within the industry.

Not only did their policies and procedures require considerable enhancements, but the company’s CEO also identified a need for additional HSE leadership to provide internal oversight of their future program development.

Our Approach

To navigate these challenges, we immediately provided an experienced consultant to overhaul their existing HSE policies and procedures. In close consultation with the company's leadership, we co-designed a tailored plan that aligned with the company’s culture whilst also conforming to the needs of the industry.

Additionally, our recruitment team conducted an in-depth executive search within the local market to uncover a seasoned HSE leader with the capability to further develop our client’s HSE strategy.

The Results

Following the implementation of our solution, our client successfully navigated the approval process for its first package of work within the offshore wind sector. This milestone has unlocked a new business stream for our client and has provided a platform for the continued growth and sustainability of their organization, whilst also helping to upskill the wider industry supply chain.

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