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Bespoke Training Program for a Global Data Center Developer

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago

Cost-effective Safety Training For Global Data Center Firm

A global data center firm had been outsourcing its Electrical Safety and Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) training for employees across North America, but sites were implementing inconsistent solutions that varied greatly in both cost and quality.

Although the company was meeting legal requirements for these critical trainings, there were concerns that the inconsistency was putting employees at risk whilst costs were also becoming exorbitant for the quality of training being delivered.

Our Approach

Our expert data center consultant worked closely with the client’s safety and learning & development teams to develop bespoke internal training programs and materials that could be delivered internally, standardizing the experience for employees at their portfolio of 20 campuses across North America.

Following development of the materials, our consultant also delivered a 2-day Train the Trainer course to 6 members of our client’s safety and operations teams, so that they became well-versed in the content and best practices for delivering the material.

The Result

Through our close partnership, we created a product that met legal and internal standards for safety management, and that also adhered to our client’s pedagogy and strict brand guidelines. Consistent, high-quality training is now being delivered to both new and existing employees, and our client is saving hundreds of thousands in training costs each year.

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