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Director of Toxicology Placed
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Director of Toxicology Found for Global Quality Assurance Company

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago

fShirley Parsons North America helps find a Director of Toxicology for global Quality Assurance organization.

The Challenge

A leading global Quality Assurance organization approached us with a unique challenge: recruiting a new Director of Toxicology. The ideal candidate needed not only a Master's degree, with a Ph.D. as a preferred qualification, but also specialized experience in utilizing GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards. This expertise was crucial, as the role was pivotal in overseeing the regulation of farm animal feed within a key division of the company.

Our Approach

Understanding the specificity of this role, our team embarked on a meticulous search, refining our pool to about 30 highly qualified candidates. The remote nature of the position allowed us to extend our search geographically, enhancing our chances of finding the perfect match. Our efforts paid off when we connected with a candidate from a competing firm. His credentials were impeccable - a Ph.D. holder with extensive GRAS experience and a clear vision of his professional future, aligning seamlessly with our client's needs.

The Result

Our candidate was in high demand, having received multiple offers. However, our strategic communication and understanding of his aspirations allowed our client to make an irresistible offer. Delighted with the terms, the candidate accepted almost instantly. This swift and successful hiring not only filled a long-vacant key position but also marked a significant triumph for the client's team and for Shirley Parsons' dedicated search strategy.

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